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Useful Info

What should I wear?


Simple clothing is best, avoid patterns, spots, stripes and logos as these can be distracting in your finished portrait. Wear matching and complementary colours in the same tones, Try to harmonise your colours, or all wear the same i.e. all in white or all in black not a mix of the two. Most portraits are taken bare foot, so don't worry about your choice of footwear. Most importantly wear clothes you are comfortable in and want to be seen in!.


Where is the best place to park?


We have parking at the studio, there is room for several cars.


When are you available to do a photographic session?


We do photographic sessions Tuesday – Saturday 10am to 4pm


How far in advance do you book up?


Week day appointments book up about 2 weeks in advance and for weekends it's about 4 weeks.


How much does a session cost?


The session fee is £45 (on Location is via quotation). This is paid on booking the session and is non-refundable but is fully transferable. This is for our time and expertise and does not include any photographs.


Can I copy the images I have purchased?


Hamilton Studio retains full copyright of all the images taken at your photographic session, which means that it is a criminal offense to copy, scan, photocopy or reproduce or email any of the images purchased. This is the law as stated under the 1988 copyright and patents act.


What if I want more copies after the first viewing?


That is fine we keep all your images on file and you can re-order at any time in the future. All your images have a reference number on the back so you can order over the phone. Alternatively you can book another viewing appointment to look through all the photographs here at Hamilton Studios.